The Post

Rating (3 out of 5)

Watched the movie tonight at home on the couch. Scott and I have the discussion all the time that location matters about watching films. I don’t necessarily disagree, I think movie theaters can enhance the movie experience, but only enhances, and therefore, if I am watching most of them at home, it is a fair apples to apples comparison.

No movie theater could of improve the Last Jedi, but I digress.

It now has been about an hour since I watched the post, and it strikes me that no character stood out to me. Felt like they bounced around trying to show all the people involved, rather than concentrating on the interactions of one person or another. Was this a story about Kay Graham (Meryl Streep) or Ben Bradlee (Tom Hanks)? Was this a political statement, and part of the #metoo movement?

In the end, I felt like this was a nice historical piece, but that was it. I do recommend that those of you who want to remind your children that the press, facts and truth are important and it is important for the press to question our government watch this movie.

One of my key indicators would I watch it again, no not really. I know what you are saying, who ever watches these type of dramas again. Well I watched The King’s Speech just a month or two ago, and it was fantastic. I was moved again my the movie, and was glad to have watched, for a third or fourth time.

What The Post makes me want to watch is All The President’s Men to see how it compares. From what I remember, that movie has a keen focus on the two writers, Woodward and Bernstein and it is that focus that this movie lacked.