Alien Covenant – I don’t understand

Rating (2 out of 5)

Movie watching, in my opinion, is impacted by our expectation. I was expecting a follow-up to the Prometheus film from 2012. While Prometheus was the greatest movie either, it did introduce something a little new and left you wanting to know more about the Engineers.

So when your expectations are crushed, it feels like it is a bigger let down when a film missed the mark, like this one did. So maybe, if I had lower expectations, I would have said 3 out 5.

First, if you are sending people off to a colony, you expect them to be well trained and ready. I have been watching Lost In Space (2018 version) and those people are much better prepared than these morons.

There is nothing the crew does that makes any sense. It is like a bad horror movie, “no, no don’t go into the dark room by yourself”. They pretended to have protocols for emergencies, but then had the “couples” tension to make an excuse to bypass them and force situations which things went from bad to worse. This was just lazy story telling.

Then the Alien, been there done that. It was really cool the first time we saw and Alien pop out of someone in 1979, then again and again. Wow, I just typed that last sentence, and realized we haven’t come up with any better ideas than rehashing this crap.

The two David’s and the interaction between them was verging on interesting, and I was almost hooked but then back to the stupid alien we go. In this case, I don’t know if you needed to go back to old reliable Alien. A good storyteller could have done it a different way.

In summary, it was a cookie cutter Alien movie, without much originality built into the film. This is a movie designed to draw you to the theater to cover the cost of $97M, to net the studio a nice payday. Nothing really original or new.