Downsizing – What the heck

Rating (1 out of 5)

Even days after seeing this movie, I am thinking to myself WTF. Here is a movie where you see the trailer and think you might have seen all the good parts of the movie. If this was your thought you are right.

Where to start: If you are going to give me a political message, then give me one. It doesn’t have to hit you over the head, but it can be delivered in such a way as to see the message. But I am not really sure the director and writer cared about the message, it was just a backdrop.

Matt Damon’s character never really grows and is a whiny character. He is bossed by his mother, his wife, and then the maid who he falls in love with. I want to see the character grow and discover themselves. Even in the end, this character needed others to tell him what to do.

The party scene, which I assume was the turning point for him, was an oddly assembled montage. One minute everyone is dancing, and it is dark, and then the next minute he is out in a well lit room, then back to the dancing again. And the party scene was setup from a very strange and bit uncomfortable date scene. It just didn’t flow.

Then there was the actual downsizing. There were little gags here and there, and pretty obvious ones. Some of the gags have been used in other movies. I even pointed one out to my daughter saying that was supposed to be the gag. I felt like we spent so much time getting to the actually downsizing that we didn’t get a chance to explore how everything came to be in the downsize world, including the downsized slums.

Yes it costs $84 dollars for a diamond bracelet and $140k turns into $12M, but we still have slums with handicap people. Oh yeah, and all the well off don’t know about the slum, because it is on the outside of the wall. All they needed was an evil corporate white man to round out the slum scene.

Finally, they boat down a Norwegian Fjord, to see the original downsized camp. Did I mentioned the boat was downsized, so may 29 to 25 inches Ling. The boat was towing bottles of vodka. I have sailed those little sail boats and motor boats, and if they had been on open water like that, I am sure they would have capsized. But oh no, calm sailing for these folks. And what great speed they seemed to make even towing the bottles.

From beginning to end this was a poorly crafted movie. It is hard to blame the actors, when they are reading the lines and following the direction. Such a shame, because there were parts, if they just slowed down to concentrate on a section this could have been a better movie.