Anon – Not all bad

Rating (3 out of 5 stars)

I like a good Science Fiction movie, where as my wife, the science fiction has to take form of an action movie for her to give a movie the same rating as me. Anon is definitely not an action movie, so please subtract 1 star if you really don’t like science fiction movies.

The movie is written and directed by Andrew Niccol, and his previous body of work (“In Time”, “Gattaca”, “S1mOne”, “The Host”, “Truman Show”) are all examples of what to expect. He takes simple concepts that people see developing around them, and pushes the concept as far out and challenges your perceptions of what the future will be like. His movies have always make me ponder where we are going as a society.

This movie is no different. The concept is that we are all connected all the time to the Ether (a more sophisticated World Wide Web), and every image we see is recorded and available. We unlock our doors using our eyes with a virtual key pad. He tries on a watch by looking at it and then overlaying it on his arm. Some of the ideas are very interesting

Then of course, someone starts hacking the system andour brains. These hackers can change our point of view (what we see through our eyes). One hacker does this to hide themselves as they kill individuals. Clive Owens character is the detective brought on to the case to solve the multiple murders.

They zero in on Amanda Seyfried character pretty quickly. They setup a scenario to have her erase an affair from his record, as Clive goes undercover as a stock broker. They are able to start tracing her, but there is a need for a 2nd undercover op. This time Clive and Amanda have sex, and the movie progresses pretty quickly to the end.

What I liked was challenging me the viewer to how much am I willing to let technology and the world into my current life. Mr. Niccol showed the positive and negative aspects of technology, which I found fascinating. The issues raised are enhancements of the recent Facebook. Mr. Niccol is very good at doing this in movies, and is similar to Gattaca.

What I did not like, while it showed the technology, there was as lot of people sitting around a big concrete desk just staring, which probably is true, but made the movie a bit boring. Now the people are watching film in their mind/eye but it did get a little slow there. Also, I don’t enjoy movies all done in grays and blacks. I understand the director is trying to say something about that world, and its bleak future. The color is heavy handed and takes a little bit of the reality out of the story.

Finally, I could have done without the love interest, especially since Clive is old (and I am a Clive fan), and Amanda is much younger. Why could it not be just platonic relationship.

One last complaint, seriously another cop that has had a child die and is separated from his wife. Think this is used in every futuristic movie about a cop. The cliche wasn’t necessary for the movie.