David and Olivia-Naked in Scotland

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The main thing we liked about this show is that we found it entertaining which is something not too easy to find these days. While it has a fairly simple theme , man gets into his SUV and a naked woman is hiding in the cargo area. It goes on from there to develop a reasonably well written story led purely through dialogue. This one is definitely not for the action bunch.

The story takes place, over three episodes, in a drive through Scotland but the protagonists are both English and it seems to have been made by a NZ and US production. Why they chose Scotland , who knows, but we do see a few shots of the ever scenic Loch Lomond, so there is that.

The interesting device used to develop more of what we know about the characters is listening to the calls received in the car on speakerphone.  From when she is “discovered in the car until the end that is pretty much that – dialogue, telephone calls and more dialogue- and yet, overall, it is a lighthearted and witty presentation, which consumes one and a half hour of viewing.

We would rate it 4 out of 5 for its light entertainment value.