Baywatch – Why Not?

Rating (2 out of 5 Stars)

This movie was free on Amazon Prime, but Amazon should include a warning “Watching this film may cause brain damage”, yes it is that moronic.

The movie is a cheesy, humorous play at the show Baywatch from the 1990s, which I did not watch. The Rock is the cool lifeguard on the beach and is everyone’s best friend. Zac comes along and has to join the team because he is a washed up Olympic swimmer. Zac is the loner type, and has to learn how to act as part of the team. There I have summed up the major plot point for you.

The chemistry between the Rock and Zac were the best thing about the movie. They played off each other well and enjoyed they on screen interaction. The director also kept the love affair to a minimum, which I do appreciate.

The movie has multiple penis jokes, a couple of vomit scenes and a dead guy oozing onto Zac’s face. Yes this contains all the physical gags you would expect. Some of them make you laugh or at least smirk. The action sequences are just silly. I was not sure if I was to take these sequences seriously or if they are supposed to be that poorly done in front of a green screen.

One thing that I did not care for was the nerd. It was a cliche type joke, and there were already too many of them. Felt like they were just copying and pasting from other movies with the scene where the nerd (Ronnie) dances. He of course got the beautiful girl in the end (I would say spoiler, but you know in the first 5 minutes of the movie that is what is going to happen).

Why they had to make this movie I don’t know. I am sure this was another easy money maker for the studio.