Game Night – A Good Showing

Rating (3 out of 5)

We watched this based on the Rotten Tomato score. I am beginning to think that their scoring system is being manipulated because their score of 82% was too high. The metascore of 66 seems more in line.

Not all the funny moments are in the trailer, but a high percentage of them are. The bloody dog, the accidental shooting, etc. They were some other humorous bits in the film but found them to be fair between. I did enjoy the bullet through the arm and Rachel McAdams using her phone to get instructions to perform a procedure. Also, thought the Denzel story was humorous, but just oddly placed.

The opening montage, where they introduced you to the primary couple was good and a nice lead in to the movie. Enjoyed the introduction to game night, and the regulars. The next door neighbor was a bit too odd, and I don’t think fit well into the movie.

While I enjoyed the performance of Sharon Hogan as the date of the lone single man in the group. There was a missed opportunity to continue to play on the dumb bimbo stereotype they introduced at first.

As I have complained about before, we like to see the characters grow or learn. Now Game Night has Jason Bateman’s character let go of his past and now he looks forward to being a father (yes that is his journey). The growth trajectory feels a bit forced, and takes away from the humor. Wish they had found a way to do it a bit more subtlety than a lecture from his wife. Does everyone in Hollywood believe that all men are insecure as they portray in comedies, or is it just lazy writing?

The movie is an 1 hour and 40 minutes, and had it ended 10 to 20 minutes earlier, it would have been a better movie. There were was one spot where we were ready for it to be done. Overall, it was a decent movie but I would not rush to watch it.