safe (final rating)

Thought this series (on Netflix) had promise but we only managed to 4th episode before skipping to the end. In a word, it was bad. Netflix claimed it was spending billions on new content, if this is the best it can do, it is to money well spent.

We can speculate that Harlen Coben merely lent his name to “Safe” and its predecessor “The five”but at what cost to his reputation?  “The five”, I believe, had an all English cast but to make “Safe” more attractive to American viewers they brought in Michael C. Hall . Michael is a fine actor with an award winning series, “Six feet under” but his performance in this lemon will not earn him many plaudits. Michael started with a passable English accent which disappeared early in the show.

The best rating we could give this show, even with the unsurprising twist at the end, is one and a half stars.