Avengers: Infinity War – Entertaining

Rating (3 out of 5)

I have noticed with the last few Marvel movies, that they are definitely adding some humor to the movies, and I find that makes the characters more likable, and I don’t notice as much that I am sitting in a seat for 2 and 1/2 hours.

Warning, if you don’t like action films, then don’t watch this movie because after the humor ends the fight scenes go on and on. Also, if you haven’t watched any of the previous Marvel films, I could see how you might get lost, and you might consider watching one or two of them prior to watching Infinity War.

The movie does go on too long with actions scenes, and that is a bit of a problem when you are fighting on 2 different planets. I understand that we came for an action movie, fight scenes that are a bit more compact would be nice.

Loved the humor, and the how they leveraged the best and worst of all the characters. The Dr. Strange, Spider-Man and Ironman was definitely enjoyable. I really like this new Spider-man… that is what Spider-Man felt like in the original comics to me. Josh Brolin was great as Thanos, and particularly enjoyed seeing many sides Thanos, which was surprise.

In my opinion, love interests slow the movie down, but what really irritated me, is that love interests were the undoing of the super heroes and ultimately their downfall. Not only in destroying the stone that Vision has, but also when on Titan and they are about to defeat Thanos. I find the near win but only to be lost because of love to be lazy writing. It would have been better to show the pain and anguish in another way.

There are some heroes you don’t get to hear from a lot and are really there for just fighting. For example, Captain America and his crew seem to be there just to take care of business, and really don’t light up the screen well, except in their fighting scenes. At 2 1/2 hours, I guess something had to be cut.

After watching Thor Ragnarok, and now Inifiity War, I am enjoying what they are doing with both Thor and Hulk. Both actors seem to be having fun with the characters, and the characters seem to be learning and evolving. When you look at Captain America and Iron Man, you they are the same people they were when they started, and haven’t grown.

Solid Marvel movie. Nothing unique, but definitely I will watch this again when it comes out and add it to my rotation of watching Marvel movies. So why a 3 stars? -1 for lazy writing mentioned above, and the extended fight scenes. Another -1 for us in anticipation of everything being fixed miraculously with the time stone.