Monster Trucks – OMG

Rating (1 out of 5)

So my wife and I went to see Rob Lowe and his presentation/show. So we were inspired to watch a Rob Lowe movie we had not seen. Monster Trucks was on Prime, so we had time, so why not.

I know it is a Nickelodeon movie, and I am not the target audience, and it is meant for children. But I enjoy a lot of children’s shows and movies. A matter of fact, just this morning I played a couple of episodes of Avatar the Last Airbender. So while I am not a child, I am open to all kind of shows.

This movie is just blah movie all around. They discover creatures in an river deep underneath the earths crust while drilling for oil. Of course Rob Lowe plays the evil oil executive with no scruples. But hey, that is a standard setup a for a child’s movie, having black or white characters.

The one creature that escapes finds refuge in a junk yard, where our hero works. That is the basic premise for the two to meet up and insert the monster in a truck. From there the story meanders around until it gets to the end.

The movie lacks an overall humor and fun tone. There may have been moments that were supposed to be humorous, but they were not funny. For example, when they first meet in the junkyard and the creature moves around on the big cart. Humor that appeals to adults is a key for a movie like Monster Trucks. .

As I said in my Jumanji review, it is okay for a movie to be transparent about what the end will be, and in the first scene you get to understand what will happen. Unfortunately the ride is fathering boring and this makes the move a real dud.