Good Time – Alright Time

Rating (3 out of 5)

This movie had high scores on Metascore and Rotten Tomatoes, so I had hopes. There were good moments to the movie, but not enough for me to give Good Time more than 3 stars. I thought it was better than my wife thought it was.

There were good scenes in the movie, like how it started off with the interview of the brother. Then moving to the bank robbery. The series of all lead to the mentally handicapped brother getting arrested and the other brother trying to get him out on bail.

The setup was a bit forced, and the dye pack in the bag was a bit too much Raising Arizona for me. The mentally handicapped brother being put into the general population, I could see happening, but felt like it was done to move to the hospital. That setup felt forced.

The part I enjoyed, was Ray. Ray was recently released from prison and ends up in the hospital and Robert Pattinson mistakes him for his brother. The back story to him arriving in the hospital was probably the most interesting part of the movie.

I think in order for you to like a criminal, you have to make them colorful and charismatic. Jules and Vincent from Pulp Fiction immediately come to mind. You know they are bad guys but your cheer for them to get through the situations. Robert Pattinson’s character was definitely not this type of character and was not a bad guy you wanted to see win. After while, you wondered how many more bad decisions and people he can screw over.

By the end, I was glad the mentally handicap brother was separated from Robert Pattinson. Maybe that was the point.

I thought some of the musical score was off in places. It was odd enough that I made a separate note about it, so a definite miss for me there.

Having hated Twilight, I was impressed with the intensity of Robert Pattinson’s performance and will look forward to watching him in future movies. While his character was not my favorite all time criminal, he was very good.

To wrap up my reviews; there are sections of this movie that are good and keep your interest. Parts lose you and by the end I was committed to seeing Good Time through to the bitter end but I did not have a burning desire to see the conclusion.