Circle – Interesting Find

Rating (3 out of 4)

Saw this movie on Netflix and the headline grabbed my attention; “When a group of strangers is seized and awaits execution, they face the impossible task of choosing the one person among them worthy of being spared.” Why not give it a try, it can’t be any worse than some other shows I watched.

50 people wake up in a dark room, all of them standing in circles. Every two minutes there is a countdown, and a bolt of electricity comes from the center of the circle to kill a person. The group figures out how to vote to on who is to be eliminated next. That is when all the interesting stuff begins.

I like movies that explore what people are really like, and how they interact in a crisis. And while people die, I found myself laughing at some of the comments, and thought processes. The movie was extremely interesting from that point of view.

The age, race, the criminal versus the cop, kids, pregnant women, lesbians, lovers, employed versus unemployed; everything was in here and all of it was explored. I think the variety of subjects is what made Circld really interesting. How would you decide who should live? By the way, my wife and daughter would have eliminated the pregnant woman early on. Me, I might have volunteered to let someone younger live (but not until the last 10 or so). This movie is a great movie to discuss with the family.

Now it is a bit of a science fiction movie, because it is assumed aliens put them there and are performing some test on them. They establish the alien premise early on in the movie. Once you accept that then the movie is really fun.

Acting is okay. I am sure it is hard to find 50 people on a low budget, but they had some decent Actors. The movie cut right to the chase and had a really good ending. It’s not a rollcoaster ride of a movie, but a movie that entertains.