Rating four out of five. “River” is a six part television series on Netflix, made in 2015 and starring Stellan Skarsgard, Nicola Walker and Adeel Akhtar is most definitely a different TV police show. We thought Skarsgard and Walker gave excellent performances,as does Akhtar, in showing his empathy for River (Skarsgard).
Walker, in recent years has become very popular on British TV with starring roles in “Halifax” and “The Unforgotten”, a recent Masterpiece series on PBS. Skarsgard Needs no introduction to American audiences.

Be warned, the Skarsgard character, River, hears voices and talks back to them, which can be quite disconcerting, at least until one gets used to it but it does further the story line. At the beginning ‘River’ is really a simple detective story looking for the killer of a police officer but has twists at the end about what the dead officer had been investigating.

We would rate the first episode a five because of the surprise it contains and also the final episode a five because of its unique love scene. The others are rated a four. One could cheat a little and go to Utube and watch the River Dance scene and hear Tina Charles sing “Love to Love”, which is the shows theme song( it will stick in your mind).

If you find Walker to be an endearing personality, as we do, we would recommend her new TV series for BBC, “The Unforgotten”

I almost forgot to add, just for grandson Scott, this series offers a compelling look at how we handle grief on both an individual, collegial and familial basis.

Overall rating four and a half out of five.