So Undercover – Hide Under Covers

Rating (2 out of 5)

First let me explain, this was one of the nights where I lost control of the remote and the 16 year old has command. She selects So Undercover, a Miley Cyrus movie from 2012 from the Netflix catalog.

My daughter put it best, this movie is so bad, that it makes you laugh. I must admit, that rationale is what saved it from a 1 star. The premise is, Miley is a private eye that gets recruited to go undercover in a sorority. That is pretty much all you need to know.

Thehe stole jokes and gimmicks are from all of the predecessor movies of this genre. I thought the scene where she is getting a make-over to go to the sorority was a copy of Miss Congeniality. Then some of the stereotypes of the sorority girls, well, from every sorority movie ever made.

There was even the “getting to know the girls” in the sorority scenes. She eventually becomes (so unexpectedly) friends with the woman of the sorority. Kelly Osbourne makes an appearance as Miley’s roommate. Jeremy Piven is also in the movie as Miley’s FBI handler, and performed about the same as he does in all movies.

Miley was the same as I have always seen her, going all the way back to Hannah Montana. I did mention I have a 16 year old right.

Make a long story short, she saves the day, her dad straightens out, she gets the guy, and everything works out in the end of course. Not really worth watching unless you lost a dare.