Hereditary – 4/5

Upon the first time seeing the trailer for this movie, the only reaction that formed was, “wow, this little girl is homely”, and “woohoo, another Naked Brother’s Band member who grew up to be hot”.

I would like to start this review by discussing the cinematics of this movie. Camera angles were chosen perfectly to capture the creepiness and strangeness of all characters involved. As well as this, background music was chosen that enhanced the anxiousness I felt inside my body from the beginning of the movie. Annie, the mother and a main character in the film, (up to you if she is an antagonist or not), (SPOILERRRRRRRRRRRR) shows multiple signs of being plagued with mental illness. However, the music made you wonder whether her actions were coming from her, or a different personality within her. To pair with Annie’s mental illness, is her obsession with making miniatures of everyplace she has been or every experience she has experienced, which helps reinforce the idea that it seems as though this whole entire movie is taking place inside of a doll house. As well as this, the timing of this movie is perfect. The first half of the film does an awesome job of giving you an idea of who all the characters are and their intentions. It also gives you a good idea of the family dynamic which is an essential piece of information in this movie.

family in hereditary

If you are not able to sit through a scene with someone’s head being cut off, DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE. There was a running total of about 6 or 7 heads being cut off in the movie. Doesn’t sound too bad when you think about it, but watch the movie and then tell me it’s not too bad. However, the beheading is a key piece of information that when upon looking back at the film, helps you piece some things together.  The second half of the movie is the nitty gritty part where the real story starts to unfold and you can start to guess whats maybe happening between characters. However, you get to the end, and it still not where you thought it was going to go.

Overall, the actors in this movie are able to perfectly portray the picture of an unconventional family, falling apart at the seams because of mental illness. And who would have thought that this would lay the perfect groundwork for thriller like this one. I would personally give this movie 4/5 stars. Although it could be deemed almost comical by some, this movie had chills running up and down my spine the whole entire movie. I would say it leans towards the sundance/indie type of movie, but it is definitely a must-see movie as it keeps you wanting more and wanting less all at the same time. This movie was truly re-inventive in it’s genre, and it gave viewers something new to discuss and think about, while pointing out the hazards of mental illness (not taken care of)