Tapeheads – How Awful!!!

Rating (1 out of 5)

A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I watched a Rob Lowe movie (Monster Trucks) since we saw him present on his tour. This week, we watched High Fidelity, which then featured an hour Q&A with John Cusak. We decided to watch a little known movie that John Cusack made with Tim Robbins called Tapeheads.

This could be one of the worst films I have seen in a long time. John and Tim, are two childhood friends who haven’t amounted to anything. They are night security guards and decide to start a music video business.

The pair locate a loft where they can live and run their business. The loft is owned by Tim’s soon to be girlfriend. John Cusack tries to get them in the door by visiting different music execs, in what I assume was to be a humorous montage. He finally gets them started doing videos for free.

They then video tape a party, are given a sex tape to hide form John’s soon to be girlfriend, make a rock video, record a last will and testatment, mistakenly copy the rock video audio over a funeral video, and become stars.

It’s just that all over the place. Odd assembly of bits and pieces. The sex tape owner has this set of goons who are just terrible. They are all wearing the same suits and have the sunglasses, then all of a sudden start dancing. It was all odd and overwhelming, in a very bad way.

The movie ends of course with them winning the day (sort of), and getting the girls.

It is hard to imagine that after making this movie, both actors went on to do good things. This is not quite a high school level production, but most definitely low budget college film maker production. It’s choppy, all over the place and not worthy of watching.