High Fidelity – A Look Back

Rating (3 out of 5)

John Cusack was in town and was doing a Q&A after the showing of his movie High Fidelity. I remember seeing High Fidelity when it first came out. What I remember is the movie was just okay, but remembered Jack Black.

The movie was shown in a large hall usually used for stage plays and musicals. Also, this was an audience that liked the film. Definitely the general audience enjoyed the film, so I think I was definitely thinking the move is just all right.

What I enjoyed about the movie was all the different characters, the crew at the record store, Joan Cusack, Lisa Bonnet, the skateboarders. To me that was where all the entertainment was. Unfortunately this is a love story, with John Cusack’s character trying to understand himself and his relationships, which were the part of the stories that were slow.

The history of his previous loves is well done and the retrospective was entertaining. I also enjoyed the catchup of where they are today. Then when he met them again in the current day and age it was nice rounding out touch.

The top 5 lists was funny, and my son and I do that all the time. Scott actually has a list of the top 250 songs for a year, which I always enjoy listening to. I never agree, but enjoy the list anyway and the debate.

High Fidelity leverages the main character talking to the camera, and that was done well. They picked locations and spots where it worked and kept the movie flowing. The bridge over the river, the train, the apartment. It was a nice touch and better than listening to a voice over while they guy walks through a crowd.

So why a 3; it takes forever for them to get to the final point. We get it you love her, blah blah blah. Finding what you wanted to do with your life was more interesting than the love story.

This is where it is definitely my opinion/point of view and maybe one that isn’t shared by others, I don’t like self loathing characters. I don’t get because I am not that way, and wouldn’t teach my kids to be that way. If you loved her then treat her right the first time, else move on and find someone who is better. Anyone who ends up with the Tim Robbins douche bag, doesn’t deserve your continued attention.

I know for many this is their go to classic. If I don’t see this for another 20 years (I will be curious of records are still around by then), I would be okay.