Lily Allen – No Shame

Rating (3 out of 5)

Keeps (6 out of 14)

I have some of Lily Allen’s previous songs. Overall I enjoyed the album, and there were quite a few songs that I was on the cusp of giving a 4 on the back half of the album, but the instrumental portion of the song repeated, which became a bit tiring, such as Family Man and Apples, although I enjoyed the underlying beat.

Even the songs rated 3 I thought were good, and were decent songs. I liked the diversity of the songs on the album. She covered a spectrum of pace and tone.

Song Title

Come on Then – 3

Trigger Bang (feat. Giggs) – 3

What You Waiting For? – 4

Your Choice (feat. Burna Boy) – 4

Lost My Mind – 3

Higher – 3

Family Man – 3

Apples – 3

Three – 3

Everything to Feel Something – 2

Waste (feat. Lady Chann) – 4

My One – 4

Pushing Up Daisies – 4


Average Rating 3.36