Animal Kingdom (Movie)

animal kingdom teehe

I became interested in watching this movie because my dad watches the TV Show, and recently watched the movie and recommended it to me as I needed a movie to watch on my shuttle back up to Flagstaff. Although I can’t say that I like everything my dad does, I do have to say this movie deserves a 5/5 stars.

Contrary to the TV Show, the movie takes place in Australia, which adds to abrasiveness of the film. The plot contains the same characters; J, Janine, Pope, Craig, Darren, and Baz. This drama-crime is about the Melbourne family and how slowly their lives of crime diminishes the family, and how it takes over their sense of family.


Baz’s role in the family is to be the one who finally comes to his senses and end his life of crime only to come to his demise. This sets off the domino effect that consumes the family, and to be honest consumed me. He is one of those characters in a film that you love and think is going to be a main character, only to find out he dies within the first 15 minutes of the movie. Death is a common occurrence  as at the beginning of the film this is the circumstance that forces J to live with this estranged crime family. These deaths tear apart the family as J struggles with the decision between crime, or doing whats right as a detective begins to question him about his uncles and a murder. This gives the audience a sense of seeing good and evil I think, however, it is hard to pinpoint until the characters’ death whether or not what they were doing was for the benefit of the family or the benefit of themselves.

AK 2

Let me tell you, if you like crime movies, you will like this. It is absolutely packed with criminals with good and bad intent, but every death still wrenches your heart the same. I would definitely categorize this as film noir, so it is no surprise that I like it as I find movies like Clockwork Orange and Silence of the Lambs. Surprisingly, I think I can say this might be moved to my Top 10 favorite movies list. 5/5 stars for me.