Cargo-Warning, a real stinker

We watched ‘Cargo’  a Netflix movie because Martin Freeman was the lead actor and we liked him in the Hobbit and other movies. I think after getting involved in this he should be looking for a new agent. A real stinker, may not be descriptive enough.

The premise of the story is quite simple a pandemic has struck the Australian outback , which turns affected people into zombies within 48 hours unless they get an antidote (that doesn’t always work ) ASAP.

It opens with our hero, wife and baby cruising down a river and we soon find out they are low on food and other supplies. Ah, ah just when all seems lost they spot a half sunken boat and he toodles over to check it out. Well, I’ll be, he finds loads of cans of food and other supplies and even a bottle of fine Australian wine but he hears a noise from a closet so he gets the hell out of there.  Back on his own boat he shows the little woman his booty, warns her not to go back to the boat and disappears to take care of the baby. The little woman now on her own looks at the fine wine and obviously realizes its one of Australia’s best and so she pops over to the sunken boat for another bottle or two of plonk. She hears the same noise in the closet and starts to leave but on her way out the the cabin the zombie comes out of the closet and gives her a nasty bite in the leg. She does make it back to their boat ( I think she had the wine) So ends the first thrilling set-up sequence. From there on it is car rides and more car rides and zombies grunting and suspense scenes in tunnels and meeting good people and, at least one, really bad person. And amazingly, back to the same  boat. But, believe it or not it has a relatively happy and symbolic ending, at least for a zombie movie.

I now agree with John regarding the rotten tomato reviews been too high. This movie was rated at 86% by them. Although, to be fair, some of the critics I read wrote really incredible pseudo-intellectual codgewallop about this movie. A lemon by any other name!!!

Scott is guilty of getting us to watch Zombie shows (the ‘Walking Dead) so I sentence him to one and a half hours of watching this turkey and writing a review.

One and a half out of five so I remember the one and a half hours of my life wasted on this disaster.