Spectral – Why did I watch this

Rating (2 out of 5)

I decided to watch this after seeing an article on hidden gems on Netflix. Sometimes it really is hard to filter through all the movies (the ones I haven’t already watched) to find a movie.

First I need to find that article again and leave someone a comment. This was just a step up from the bad SYFY channel movies. A scientist that works for a government contractor is sent to Europe where there is fighting, to help look at a problem with the goggles he designed.

There are creatures like ghosts that run through you and freeze your organs and kill you. Whole units have been taken down by these creatures. It is these ghost that appear on the goggles and can’t be scene by the human eye.

Emily Mortimer is the CIA agent who is also on site to help with the problem. Of course, the only solution is for the dorky scientist to go into the field with the CIA agent, and a bunch of soldiers. Off they go, and we know to face certain doom.

Surprisingly (sarcasm here), we turn to MacGyver (our scientists) to use his fancy camera to shine a light on the ghosts. They run of an industrial building where they find a young boy and girl. Through clues that the boy and girl’s dad gave them, our scientist figures out what they creatures are.

They go back to a refugee camp, because the base has been run over by these creatures, and they figure out where they live and come up with a plan to attack them.

Typical ending battle scene, where they almost fail, but just in the nick of time, he pulls the lever and kills the spectres. I was worried.

They spent some decent money on this as they spectre’s and other effects weren’t bad at all. But way to predictable of a plot, without anything really new to introduce. I wouldn’t waste my time on this and wish I hadn’t.