Beyond Skyline – Not as Bad as Skyline

Rating (2 out of 5)

I had watched the original Skyline, which was awful. So I was curious, how bad this one would be. In short, it isn’t as bad as the first, but still isn’t a great film.

We start with the drunk cop on suspension (his wife had died, which is why he drinks), picking up his estranged son from the police station for wrong doing. Their car won’t start, so they have to take the subway, which is where they are when the aliens attack.

The aliens attack by shining a blue light and then sucking us up into their spaceship. Then once they suck us humans up into their ship, they rip out our brains, to put into their robots. Our brains serve as the computers.

Now, the catch is, we can become immune to the blue light, if we are exposed and saved a number of times, which we find out with the heroes son.

So back to the wonderful plot, we work our way through the subway, and we filter down to the the cop (Frank Girillo), his son, the subway driver, and a blind man. They put up the good fight but are eventually sucked into the ship.

Miraculously, they are able to survive on the ship, will except for the son. His is turned into a robot, but because he was exposed multiple times to the blue light, he starts to show independence.

So our heroes struggle around and come upon the 2 characters from the first movie, a couple. The woman was pregnant and the man, was turned into a robot, but he is independent. The robot guides the cop to the pregnant woman, and help deliver the baby, but the mom dies. The baby grows at an exceptional rate, she is about 6 when the movie ends, because of her exposure to the alien rays.

Long story short, they fight their way around the ship, and the ship leaves Los Angeles and heads to Thailand. The team escapes the ship in Thailand, hooks up with a gang of Thai locals who of course have an American chemist with them. They figure out the key is the little girl, and then there is a battle.

The battle is filled with a bunch of different alien robot machines that are pretty cool. On the ground they all fend of hordes of alien robots. They are near defeat, and then the girl uses some mystical alien power to fix an alien gun and takes down the ship.

They go on to eventually win the day. The movie ends with them all in space taking the fight to the mother ship, with the little girl (more mature), leading the way.

I laughed out loud at parts, especially when they ran into the Skyline characters. The swing from Los Angeles to Thailand, was a bit sudden and felt like it was because Thailand helped finance the movie or we had some Thailand sets already built. Whatever the reason, it was an odd transition.

The link of the girl to be the downfall of the aliens was a bit much. I always find it interesting how stupid the aliens can be, even though they have all this technology at their finger tips.

Decent production, but not overly engaging story, and the aliens are very smart.