Westworld Season 2 – Same Gimmick

Rating (3 out of 5)

I am probably being overly harsh on the score, but I was hoping from more this season. 2nd seasons are hard though, since you introduced all the characters and technology in season 1.

There were episodes where they showed the back store of different characters. This is done through the flashbacks, which I don’t mind in TV series and is a J.J. Abrams go to technique. The flashbacks breaks up the story telling a little for the viewer.

Similar to Twin Peaks, there were episodes I really enjoyed, and by themselves these episodes were entertaining. The episodes about the Indian, who was one of the original hosts like Dolores began to think for himself a long time ago, and how he evolved. The other episode that was engaging when Maeve and her team went to Ninja/Samurai town. We finally saw other parts of the park, outside of the wild Wild West.

So why 3 stars.

I was tired of the Dolores’s rightesnous became irritating. Rather than see her escape and see the world, I was hoping she would die.

Bernard was tiresome after a while; nut up or die already. He eventually nutted up in the end, but it took the whole season to get there. Boring.

Then the Man in Black, his pursuit of the game was interesting, and then it seemed to fizzle, maybe for season 3. The part that really irked me was having to watch past the credits to see the final clip, what is this a Marvel movie. Just tell the story.

The new character of the Man in Black’s daughter was good, but we didn’t really get enough of her. Would like to see her return for Season 3.

I continued to enjoy Maeve’s story and her team. Her interaction with the park story writer was a good story line, and liked how they ended with him. Also, Maeve’s crew was way more interesting than Dolores and Teddy.

One of my issues is it would have been nice to learn what the image meant, or if it was some sort of key to free the hosts. The maze symbol was introduced in season 1 and shown again in various stages, with implied significance.

While I understand you have to make a TV show, especially one on HBO interesting and have twists, the fragmented memory and out of sequence story telling felt like a gimmick to surprise the audience in the last episode. After a while it is just annoying. Again, acceptable in a freaky show like Twin Peaks where you don’t know what the hell is going on anyway, but here it was just short cut in story telling.

The last minute reveal about Dolores (I am not going to ruin it for those who haven’t watch), also felt a bit cheap to me. Although, the interaction between Dolores and Ashley (Luke Hemsworth) was a nice surprise and an interesting way to help the story along.

If you are an HBO fan and like this science fiction, it is a good show, and I would recommend continuing to watch it. For people like my wife, you will just be annoyed at some of the whining that takes place and just want them to move more quickly..