Goliath Season 1 –

Rating (2 out of 5)

Now I will confess, I didn’t get past episode 3. I give a show 3 episodes in its first season to impress me, and Goliath failed to do this.

Goliath is a story of drunk who is a washed up lawyer, who used to be a legal star played by Billy Bob Thorton. He takes on a case brought to him by woman who practices law and sells real estate.

After he looks into a few aspects of the case he decides to take on the case. Of course the firm representing the other side, is the firm he co-founded and where his ex-wife (Maria Bello) works. The owner of the firm played by William Hurt, has a hatred for Billy Bob’s character.

The script writing was all jumbled around, and the store was very erratic. One minute we are talking to the daughter, then we are back in the bar, then we are solving the case, then we are at the opposing law firm. There were parts that didn’t seem very realistic, and added just to make the next sequence of scenes align, like the arrest of him by the police officer, while his daughter was in the car.

The men in this are show are pigs, including Billy Bob and the women are pawns and weak. The way the two strong female characters were treated and accepted the treatment was not acceptable. If anyone used a dog clicker on me I would leave, and would expect anyone in my family to leave. This women not only took the bad behavior but reinforced the behavior.

It wasn’t believable, that the 2 smart female characters at William Hurt’s law firm would accept being treated the way they were. Good lawyers are hard to find, and if they were as good as portrayed, they could have left and worked anywhere.

William Hurts character was creepy but over the top. In portraying the character and the actions he appeared to take, it was just too much. It appeared to be a device to add spice and drake to the story.

One of the most interesting characters was the woman who was his paralegal (if she had the time) who was also a drug using prostitute. But she had very little screen time.

The best scene was when Billy Bob makes a giant step forward, and as he is exiting the courthouse with his client, she is run over by a black van. It made me laugh out loud. However, again, it was a piece that was a bit unrealistic, way open traffic in LA. Then the van was painted matte black, it could have been a SHIELD car. Thought they might have chosen a bit more generic type van.

Maybe the show gets better, but I couldn’t make it.