A Very English Scandal – A Nice Surprisex

Rating (4 out of 5)

This is a 3 episode mini-series, based on the 1970’s scandal of Jeremy Thorpe (Hugh Grant). Hugh Grant is member of British House of Commons and has a homosexual love affair with Norman Scott (Ben Whishaw), that he covers up for years. Then as it slowly comes to light, Jeremy Thorpe plans to kill Norman Scott to hide the infidelity.

As with all historical dramas, it is always interesting to learn about what happened, and glimpses at what may have motivated the individuals. Jeremy and Norman were interesting to watch as they navigated their very different worlds, and how being gay impacted their worlds. There was also a little speech by another politician about how being gay and having to hide his sexual orientation probably led his brother to commit suicide.

When Jeremy gets married, its is laid out as a marriage of function to get more votes at the polls than a matter of love. His first wife dies in a traffic accident and he gets remarried. In the movie he shows a tenderness and caring for his wives, and even discusses the affair with the 2nd wife. The scene where he discusses his affair was particularly engrossing, and then she commented on how it was nice how he could say “I miss you to his friend”.

Then watching Norman scrounge out a living, just wanting a National Insurance Card. That running joke was fairly funny. I always wonder how many Norman’s are out there just getting by from day to day.

Both actors due a tremendous job of portraying their characters. Actually I thought the whole cast did a good job.

This is a quality show that moves quickly from introduction, to affair to assorted travels and accomplishments through the years. It passed through the years, in quick montages, and then slowed down for pivotal events.

Warning to all dog lovers, a dog is shot and killed as part of the story. As my daughter hates it when the dogs die, so I give that warning now as a general precaution. I did read a NY Times article, and yes they really did shot the dog.

Now my wife probably would have scored it a 3 out of 5, as she did fall asleep a couple of times during the movie. I tend to like these types of shows, which is probably why I am giving it a 4 out of 5.