Ru Paul’s Drag Race – Season 10


Although I know this show is probably not of the upmost interest to most of you guys, this show has held my interest for the past few years. Assuming none of you watch this show, there will be a few spoilers littered within my review.

Ru Paul’s Drag Race is a competitive show to see who will be America’s Next Drag Superstar. Watching this show gives you a good idea of how being a Trans Women in American can effect your life, and how it can effect other’s lives. It also does a god job of displaying how people are who they are and they wont change just because their so called “Mom”, tells them to.

This season was by the far best in terms of mini challenges and main challenges. This season also had some of the most lovable Queens. Eureka came forward as the overweight one who stills hold confidence and pride high in her heart. Kameron Micheals shines as the shy one who NEEDS to be seen and recognized. However, throughout the whole season, Miz Cracker and Aquaria were constantly in a battle to outshine each other given that they both came from New York, and Miz Cracker had been accused of stealing Aquaria’s looks multiple times. Given, it seemed to be something the other competitors focused on more than they did.


One of the most memorable challenges this season was Snatch game where the Queen’s must “snatch” a celebrity look and impersonate them. Eureka, Aquaria, and Monet XChange. Monet is able to flawlessly pull off an impersonation of Maya Angelou which you wouldn’t think would be funny to necessarily make fun off, but it is. As well as this, she does it in a way that is not offensive.


This show may not be anyone in our families interest, but let me tell you, these Ladies were serving LOOKS all season. If you liked Project Runway or Top Model, you will love this, as this show seems to be a combination of the two.