The New Legends of Monkey – Not So Bad

Rating (3 out of 5)

Warning: My rating is definitely for me. For most others I would say this is a 2.

I watched this because I do enjoy the mythology of the Monkey King and was intrigued to see how the Australians would put their spin on the story.

The story is a young girl learning from a scholar. When her teacher and his disciples are brutally attacked by a demon, they all perish. She inherits the responsibility to wake the Monkey King. She ends up in the nearby city, and serves as waitress, where she comes across the demon that stole Monkey’s crown.

She is able to steal the crown, cuts her hair and pretends to be a monk, and escapes the clutches of the demon to wake the Monkey King. They locate two other gods, Pigsy and Sandy to join them on their journey. Thestory then follows them on their adventures to recover the 7 scrolls, while being chased by demons.

The season is 10 episodes long, so I like the brevity of the season. Compared to my current torment forced upon me by my daughter of 23 episodes of a Arrow, Flash and Supergirl, this felt short and sweet.

This show is structured like most shows, where the characters have offsetting characteristics. It is the Power Ranges structure, where there is 5 characters that represent different characteristics, and then the slowly learn from each other to be better people. This Power Ranger combination is used in a lot of shows, and can be replicated with different number of characters. In this case, 4 versus the Power Rangers 5 characters.

If you accept the show as it is, then it is entertaining. If you are looking for something totally new and inspiring, this is not that show. This is a kid friendly show as well. So its innocence (al-la Power Rangers feel) maybe a drag compared to a Game of Thrones that tends to be soft porn.

That is it, that is all I can think to say about this.