Cloak & Dagger – Another FreeForm Show

Rating (2 out of 5)

I like stories about people who gain powers and have to figure out how to use them. The only problem here is it very slow to build up to that. Each of these people seems a little self centered and therefore not always likeable.

Now mind you this is only 10 episodes long versus say an Arrow that is 23 episodes, but still after 4 episodes I found them a little tiresome.

The story focuses on two teenagers played by Olivia Holt and Aubrey Jospeh. They both have had tragedies (same day) and fell into the same body of water, when a rig exploded giving them their powers. They did not realize they had powers until 8 years after the accident.

The show follows them, as they are now, and how they and their families of dealt with the tragedy. Olivia Holt’s character lives on the streets as a con artist, with a drug habit, that she picked up from her mom. Her dad died in the first episode, and her mom was already abusing painkillers, and her addiction became worse after her husband died.

Aubrey Joseph’s characters went the opposite direction. Parents are doing well and he goes to a preparatory school where is the go to man on the basketball team.

Slowly the learn about their powers, and of course bump into each other. The story meanders about like that until about episode 5 when they acknowledge they have powers and figure out what they each need to do. They sequence where they learn this  is a mix of a voodoo ritual and a concussion, which puts them into dreams. The voodoo seems to be part of the story because of Tyrone’s girlfriends.

After the 6th episode I had to call it.  I was so tired of the “oh my father died boo hoo”, or “oh my brother died boo hoo”.  It is fine if it is the underlying motivation, but stop whining about it through the entire episode.