Their Finest – Alright I Guess

Rating (3 out of 5)

It has been a rough week for watching movies, and I hoped maybe this movie would restore my faith in the ability of people to entertain. Their Finest is good story about a woman who is one of the writers for a script about a film portraying the rescue from Dunkirk during WWII.

The story was good, it was just slow. It starts off telling the story of a woman, Catrin who has been discovered for her writing abilities, and with all the men fighting in the war (yes that is the only reason she is given the opportunity) she is asked to help write scripts.

There is a whole section with her faux husband (yes we learn later they aren’t really married) who is a painter, but can’t make any money, and he feels inadequate because he can’t support them. The independent woman is an underlying theme of this movie.

Will on location for the movie, she and the head script writer, Tom start falling for each other, but she is with the still with her husband. Here was the problem, if we had focused on the movie/love with the other man, and just referenced the faux husband, we would have cut 15 minutes out of the movie, and still achieved the same objective.

The fun part of the movie was how they made it and overcame different challenges. A little more of that would have been good, rather than the large slowdown we had to deal with romance.

Spoiler coming, she breaks it off with her faux husband, and Catrin and Tom have script writer had an argument and aren’t speaking. Tom can’t write the end of the movie, and things are starting to unravel. She goes back to the office, reads his script ending, throws it in the trash, writes a brilliant one while all around her bombs are dropping, and writes and apology script to him.

The apology script was good and well done, and one of the brighter points of the movie.

They of course, makeup and kiss, and then he dies. Yes it was a little sudden. Almost funny. Now this is where I felt they rushed to the end, and if they had cut earlier scenes they could have stretched the end by 5 minutes and added some tears to the movie.

She quits movies, misses the premiere and lives by herself now. Bill Nighy (who was very good in this film) comes to recruit her to work on his film. His delivers to her an encouraging speech is was nice. In summary, the speech was about the old and the women taking their opportunity during this time of war, and if they did not, it was basically a kick in the face to all those who died.

The speech motivates her to see the Dunkirk movie, and everyone around her laughs and cries. She is so moved, she goes back to writing movies. The End.

Her watching the movie was a good scene, but a tad too long. That was the way I felt about many portions of this movie, all the portions were just a tad too long. But it did capture how a writer must feel to have an audience enjoy their lines.

Throughout the movie, Bill Nighy’s character had a little side story going on, which I am not certain was necessary. There is a whole portion with his agent, his agent dying and he identifies the body, the agents sister becoming his agent, and him falling for his agent. I don’t like following 3 different plot lines in Star Wars, I don’t enjoy multiple plot lines here. Focus on our heroine, because she was a good character.

While I get woman were not treated well, and were only given opportunities because of the war, I felt the movie was a bit preachy instead of just demonstrating the discrimination. This for me also took a bit away from the film.