Night of the Living Deb – Ok Interesting Zombie Flick

Rating (3 out of 5)

This movie was a different take on the your typical zombie movie. It was almost a satire of a zombie movie and pointed out some of the weaknesses of zombie movies.

Night of the Living Deb premise is pretty simple, Deb our main character, hooks up with our other main character, Ryan. The next morning they (in his apartment) wake up to discover that the town is turned into zombies. By working together they have to find a way to escape the zombies.

Ryan is related to the richest person in town who of course is the one who created zombies by taking shortcuts in cleaning the cities water supply. So what made this interesting was that they provided a reason for the zombies which was a parasite in the water. I liked that they gave a reasonable explanation for the zombies.

Here’s what was different about the movie. All the characters seem to be able to be able to fight the zombies. They just jump in their, and for once the, the zombies were a bit stupid.

Also, there was a scene where the main lead tells Deb not to shoot him in the head if he gets bitten because he hopes that they come up with a vaccination for the zombie disease. Is the first time I’ve ever heard this and any of the movies. They all assume in the move, like all of use would from the zombie movies we have watched that the people who were bitten would be turned into zombies. Turns out this isn’t the case, but this isn’t revealed until the end. Only by drinking the water can you be turned into a zombie.

Deb’s a bit of a nerd and they really set it up so that she comes across that way. Of the two don’t get along and predicable the fall in love by the end of the movie.

You have to be able to tolerate Deb’s character which is a little like the unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt where there are very energetic. While it might be endearing to some, it can get on your nerves very easily. I have to say they she rubbed my wife the wrong way.

There are some jokes that are fairly funny and there are a few laughs. The laughs are more enjoyable if you have watched other zombie movies. They do make fun of zombie movies, as an example, is when she drives away she gives herself points for hitting a zombie. A little bit like Zombieland there.

Now again right tomatoes gave this movie and 82% I just don’t see how that can be. It just isn’t that good. However if you have some free time and like a zombie movie it’s has a few laughs.