Belko Experiment – Interesting

Rating (3 out of 5)

This was a pleasant surprise. Story is fairly straightforward, there is an office in Columbia with a bunch of American expatriates. All the locals are sent home one day, and the expatriates are locked in side the building. Then a mysterious voice comes on and tells them they have to kill certain number of people, or voice will do it for them.

That is the premise of the movie and it is interesting to contemplate what people would be like in that kind of circumstance. Of course, they don’t believe the mysterious voice, and when time expires, a bomb in a few peoples heads explode.

Apparently, the company had paid a doctor to insert trackers into everyone because of the high number of kidnappings. They weren’t really trackers but bombs.

There is a little move stereo typing of people in this movie. There is a white office worker who is stalking our heroine, of course turns evil. He is special ops along with another guy. Instead of stalker which you don’t like anyway, it would have been better if he was the nice guy on the floor, and then went haywire.

Well, after some internal debate between all the workers, you basically end up with the 5 white guys and everyone else. Team White (they also wore white shirts), breaks into the gun stash and takes over. The mysterious voice gives them an new target to kill, and Team White starts separating by age, who has kids, who they don’t like, etc.

Of course, some brave soul in the basement, is able to turn off the lights and everyone runs away, but Team White is still trying to kill people to met the target.

The heroine was actually one of the better characters, as she was smart. She used the points of her shoes as a decoy, and had removed the cutting arm for a paper cutter, and attacked the weakest member of Team White. There were also some good scenes where some people strike back against Team White, that I thought were interesting.

Of course, they miss this next deadline by 1, which means the voice will kill 30 more people. A lot more heads explode. This is going to be a bit dark, but the head exploding scene was well done, especially with the music. Reminded me of Kingsman a little.

The voice gives the final mission, whoever has the most kills at the end, will walk out. One man who had been helping everyone turns on them to get his kill count up. There are some good death scenes. There is a person cut in half by an elevator, the heroine going downtown with an ax on stalker’s head, our hero killing the COO with a tape dispenser. If you don’t enjoy a gruesome kill, you might not like this movie. I was laughing.

It all lead to the nerd, our hero surviving. The let down to the movie was the ending. He meets the people who ran the experiment who were in a shed across from the building, He is able to kill the guards and the experimenter, with the implanted bombs of people who were murdered and he drives away.

Also, the nerd takes down too many people. While he is the leader of the geek squad, fighting the COO who has military experience with a tape dispenser was a bit much.

I would have much preferred, a limo, with 10M and a note, to be quiet, as the building slow starts to burn.

I would watch the Circle (not to be confused with The Circle) before this movie. Belko Experiment features the gruesome of the human thought process. Circle is a much better introspective into humans. Belko was fun because of the death scenes, and I only described a few. My wife wanted to see how it would end, so it was an engaging film.