Zoom – That was different

Rating (3 out of 5)

Wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I turned this movie on. I will start with a warning, if you don’t enjoy a movie that isn’t straightforward, don’t watch this movie.

Here in essence is the plot, Emma who works in a sex toy company, writes a comic about Edward Deacon a director. Edward is making a movie about Michelle, a book writer. Michelle’s book is about Emma.

So Edward’s part is all done in a comic strip. So the move skips around a bit, between two live characters and a cartoon strip. Okay, maybe I exaggerate, there was a moment we had jumped around a number of times, and I it was either move forward, or turn it off. So yes, I would say the move lacks a focus.

Emma gets a boob job and she goes big. She wants to be like one of the characters in her comic strip. After she goes big, she realizes it isn’t what she wants. She gets upset, and in her comic, Edward the movie director was cool especially with all the ladies, and was able to talk the female executive into anything. Emma basically changes the comic so he has a really small penis, which erases Edward’s cool. Some of what Edward tries and does is humorous to return his penis and his cool to their previous stature.

Michelle leaves her boyfriend in Los Angeles, gives up her modeling and moves back to Brazil to write a book. You see her struggling to write the book, and then she meets a woman in the beach in Brazil. They have a little fling, and Michelle starts to find her voice; this is when Emma finds coke in the barbell of the personal trainer next door. So Michelle is writing Emma’s story and it is being acted out as she write; there is one part where she changes Emma’s boyfriend from a geek to an ex-con, which was pretty fun.

All the heroes of the stories are failing and hitting rock bottom, when they realize it was each other that impact their lives. Emma returns Edward’s penis size to its previous state, he regains control of his movie, and Michelle is able to finish the book on Emma. They were all connected.

In the end Emma’s boobs are deflated when they are shot in the final coke stand off.

It was different and off beat. I thought some of the scenes were very funny. I also thought how they went about commercializing the movie in the end was very humorous.

The movie is all over the place, and doesn’t have a central person who grows or learns. But it had a few laughs, so yeah, 3 stars. Mom and dad this would be a 2 or 1 for you.