The Cloverfield Paradox – JJ swings and misses

Rating (3 out of 5)

So earth is running out of energy, and they are creating a space station to attempt to create a new energy source that will save the planet. Tensions are high between all the countries and power outages are common.

Our heroine decides to leave her husband on earth and work on the space station. Months turn into years, and tensions raise on the space station, between its international crew. Here is one area where I thought the movie was a contrived, and borrowed from Space Odyssey 2010, where the Russian thinks the German is delaying the project to penalize the Russians. Blah, blah blah. This is used to setup later.

So the are about to run their 46th try at this device, the watch a CNN analyst tell us all the perils of the technology…. oh, what a surprising forerunner. The device starts to work, and then they are pushed into another universe. For those non-sci-fi geeks, its a similar universe to ours, but they have had a different set of events, so things are slightly different. This was used in Fringe, Sliders, etc.

The assumption is always the universes are slightly different. There is almost always another you. However, if you assume something like the butterfly effect, then you might not exist, because the Germans won the war and wiped out most of United Kingdom. I get it its a Sci-Fi movie, just go with it.

Weird things start happening on the ship. The Russian’s eye does weird things, he makes makes a gun, goes to kill the German, has a seizure, throws up a bunch of worms and dies.

Then they hear screaming and they find a woman stuck inside the ship, fused into the electronics of the ship. Turns out she is from this universe, and knows many of the crew. In her verse, the German was a bad man and their experiment blew up, fell to the earth, and all the nations are at war. They do find e-mails on the computers to prove that she is telling the truth, but somehow the computers have merged, and these are from universe B’s German.

The station mechanic is working on the ship, and the ship sucks up his arm. They are able to pull him out but without his arm. Later the arm is traveling down the hall way. The arm actually writes a message, about cutting open the Russians stomach. Turns out the navigation device for the space station is in there. With this device, they are able to stabilize the space station and find earth.

The weird items were not consistent. How would an arm write? Why was it only that part of the ship that had problems? Why only 1 person transported? Why was just those e-mails on the computer and what else had been compromised? The anomalies were fine, but there were not consistently applied or explained. To me they seemed like a gimmick/writers trick to move the plot forward. -1 for this.

Meanwhile, on our Earth, her husband is trying to go to the hospital and do his job as the rioting and stuff gets worse. He goes to the hospital and its been destroyed. There is a whole side thing, where he finds a girl. I was losing interest by now and I didn’t really care.

Long story short, basically they have messed up both universes with their device. The only way to fix it is to go back, by relaunching their device. Now if you believe some shows, it has to be an even switch between the two universe, or it creates problems. Who cares….You don’t, and apparently the movie writers didn’t either.

Will, it turns out the woman they saved is our heroes best friend on earth B, and our heroes children are still alive. Tears, and blah, blah. Our mystery woman is an engineer and can help them. But in return she wants the designs so she can take them back to her earth. They are about to kick of the system, when of course, some other weird thing happens and there is an explosion. Our poor mechanic is killed.

Then because of the explosion, the captain and team have to fix the botttom of the ship. They do, but the captain is now dead. So they are ready to launch the experiment again, but right when they are about too, our mystery woman, kills a couple of people and tries to kill the German. Our heroine is able to save the German, kill the mystery woman.

They launch the experiement, and return to their universe. The contact the ground control, and tell them they have had success. They relaunch the experiment which is now stable and produces an abundance of energy as designed. Yeah, earth saved.

So our heroine and German hop in a pod, and return to earth. They call to tell her husband, and he yells at them. Basically he tells them they should have told them to stay, and not come down to this mess. Since they left, monsters per the original Cloverfield, have come to earth. I do believe the monster shown at the end was the same one from the original Cloverfield.

We have seen components of this movie in other movies before. I didn’t connect with the main character or anyone aboard the ship. The end surprise was something stupid out of an M. Night Shyamalan movie. This movie wasn’t bad and it wasn’t good, it was just there.

Now I was searching for some images, and ran across some theories about how these movies all tie together. Interesting tie-ins between all the films This itself was more interesting than the entire movie.