Battle Royale II – Just Stay with the Original

Rating (2 out of 5)

This time the melodramatics outweighed the originality of the death scenes, and made the movie a little tiring.  Same premise as the original (Battle Royale) but this time, they are sent to an island to kill the survivor of the original movie, who has become a terrorist/rebel.  He has started a rebellion, and the rebels have made a fortress on the island.

The movie starts pretty quickly, they are on the bus, drugged, told the rules, and sent off to attack the island.  A number of the kids are killed quickly as they approach the beach and then on the beach.

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The kids battle and eventually find their way to the rebels.  The class and the rebels talk, and rebels remove the necklace bombs, and kids join the rebellion.  The movie is really preachy about adults versus kids.

The adult army under the orders of the prime minister attack the rebel base. Rebels and kids team together in the final fight.  Amazing how good everyone is with weapons compared to the military.  There is lots of deaths and killing.

There are some good death scenes, but too many.  After a while you are yelling at the screen, telling them to die already.  The rule of thumb should be only 1 Boromir death per movie.

Also, while I enjoyed the connection with daughter of the teacher from the first movie, it took a long time for that to develop.   Then when she died, it was anti-climatic for me, and a let down when we got to the end.

I wish I could recommend this, but it just lacked pace of the first movie.  Seeing the struggle of kids trying to determine to survive was excellent in the first movie and this just didn’t have that.