Hardcore Henry – I Feel Dizzy

Rating (3 out of 5)

This was an interesting idea but after a while the point of view was tiring. Hardcore Henry is shot like a video game as a first person shooter (see the snapshot below). It’s a 1 1/2 hours of seeing everything from that point of view, so basically watching everything through a GoPro camera. I am glad that someone tried it, but I don’t think we need to see it again.

There is a plot in this movie (sort of): A man wakes up and his doctor wife is putting on cybernetic arms and legs. They come under attack, and he and his wife run away. However, she is captured, and the story is of him trying to save his wife.

The script itself is fairly basic and is rather forced to create the action sequences. So -1 just for that. They cybernetics explain why he is able to take so much damage but keep on going. Like a video game, the AI of the bad guys is terrible, and Henry is a crack shot.

If you don’t like action moves, especially ones without much of a point, subtract 1 from my score. My wife would give this a 1.

I did enjoy the action sequences. There was one part in an abandon building that could have been right out of a video game, which was really good. My favorite was when he was running through a mall and slid down an escalator. Thought the way he got tangled up in people and then kept going was interesting. The stunt work was pretty cool.

Also the sound track I thought matched the tone of what they were trying to do and enhanced the action scenes. There was one place where I was bouncing my head to the music as he is destroying people. Really liked it.

Sharlto Copley has an interesting role as Jimmy, Henry’s guide through the movie. He appears in different disguises, a hippie, a spy (white shirt, black tie), a British commander, etc. It is a bit confusing, but he did a well switching between the various roles. You learn later how that was all possible. Again, it wasn’t the best script, you just had to roll with it.

Wish there was more to say, it is sort of a chaotic ride of different action sequences. A little like riding Star Tours at Disneyland, except I wouldn’t get back on the Hardcore Henry ride again. Once was enough.