Thor: Ragnarok – Best Thor Yet

Rating (4 out of 5)

What it does mean is it is a quality action film, that you can sit back and enjoy the ride and for me it is a ride I can enjoy multiple times.  For me Thor: Ragnarok meets that criteria.

Basic plot, is Odin dies, and Thor has a sister who has been imprisoned by Odin, and with her death she is freed.  She is pure evil, and Thor must get back to Asgard to save his people.  However, he gets waylaid on a planet, where he runs into Hulk, and they get free and get back to Asgard.

I really enjoyed the humor spread throughout the movie.  Think that was missing from the first two Thor movies.  They tried with the intern, but it wasn’t quite enough.

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The other part, is Thor was humbled consistently throughout the movie.  When super heroes are defeated this way, and have to come back, I believe it grows the character and we as the audience become invested in the character.  Thor has a number of setbacks in this movie, and has to discover who he really is and what Asgard really is.  In the end Thor doesn’t really win and he doesn’t really lose, which was a good way to end the movie.

What I didn’t like was the dream sequence to Odin during the final battle scene.  I think it would have been better for Thor to learn this on his own.  The other part is the movie stretches 2 hours and 10 minutes.  Let’s hit the 2 hour mark people.  There were a few parts were it started to drag.  They keep adding to the movie and this can become distracting over time.

What was also nice about this movie, is it focused on Thor, and didn’t bounce all over the place.  In the Avenger/Captain America movies, sometimes there are so many characters, and locations it gets tiring just trying to keep up.  This was pretty focused;  3 characters, with a fourth added.  They were all on the same planet and escaped on the same ship.  This helped the movie move along.  It might have been a bit more concise if they eliminated Scurge and some of the scenes on Asgard.  I think the extra bit of focus would have improved the movie.

The one other note, is it was good to have a strong female character that inspired the male character, and didn’t have to have her hand held during the battle.  I have seen Tessa Thompson in quite a few movies/shows and really like what she brings to the camera.

I really enjoyed this film.  In writing this review, I am looking back at my Black Panther and think that really is more a 3 star rather than 4 star,.