Crazy Rich Asians – A Solid Rom-Com

Rating (3.5 out of 5) – Changed to add 1/2 point

Rating (3 out of 5) – Original

From the trailers, and few hints at the beginning, you know where this movie is going. While not the most sophisticated movie, the ride was enjoyable.  Now, if I had a 10 point scale I would give this a 7, because it is a strong 3.

Plot is fairly simple, an Asian-American economics professor (our heroine-Rachel) falls in love with a young man (Nick), who is, unbeknownst to her, is from an extremely rich family in Singapore.  They travel to Singapore for her boyfriends best friends wedding, she meets the family, and of course is not acceptable to the mother.   Which is the arc of the movie.

What I Liked:  The humor of the friend (Awkwafina) that she made in America and currently lives in Singapore is one of the items makes this movie.  Awkwafina’s family is a little odd and bordering on creepy, but worth a few laughs.

Seeing how the rich live is Asia is very interesting.  Having spent time in Asia, the wealth that Asians do have is amazing and then how much that money buys is astonishing.  It was great to see Singapore and some of the sites.  It really makes me want to see the Formula 1 race that is there.

Both the mom (played by Michelle Yeoh) and Rachel are very strong females just from different perspectives.  I also thought the sister of Nick, Astrid, ended up being strong character.

I also liked the character that was the family odd job man, Oliver.  Oliver added a bit of humor along with her best friend.  Think making him gay was a bit of a movie stereotype, but it worked.

The wedding scene was well assembled, starting with Rachel getting glammed up to compete with high society of Singapore by Oliver and Awkwafina.  Then shifting to the over-the-top wedding, where they spend tens of millions on a very lavish wedding and party.  I believe they discuss that they were going to limit their daughters wedding to 20 million.

What I Didn’t Like:  The movie dragged a bit.  In particular, the wedding scene with the bride walking down the aisle was a wee bit longer than necessary.  I got it Rachel and Nick are in love.

I am sure a moping after the truth about her family history was exposed at the after wedding party was necessary, but thought it went longer than necessary.  Had this movie been 15 to 20 minutes shorter it would have been much better.

The movie doesn’t have many surprises.  What was a surprise for me is that when the engagement scene came, that more people didn’t see that it would be a different ring in the box.

Overall this a cute romantic comedy, that I would recommend if you are looking for a lighter movie to see this weekend.  Just a fun and entertaining movie.