5 Stars versus 10 Stars

Scott and I have been watching quite a few movies lately.  We are struggling with the 5 star scale versus the 10 star scale.  This has come about lately when we are having trouble rating a movie that is not quite a 3 and not quite a 4.  A 3.5 would be great to give.  So on a 10 point scale, we think there is just a bit more room.   We feel often that there should be a score in between, like a 3.5.

So rather than give 1/2 scores, Scott and I think we should move to a 10 point score.  We wanted to get other points of view before we changed our scale to 10 stars from our current 5 stars.

September 6, 2018

Based on seeing more movies and wanting to provide a better sense of good and bad, we have decided to add 1/2 points.  So 1 to 5 but with half points, which essentially makes it a 10 point scale.