A.X.L. – Just The Worst

Rating (1 out of 5)

This movie makes me consider if zero should be an actual score to be handed out.  This was a miss for me on all fronts.

The plot, which is obvious from the intro and the race scene in the first few minutes of the movie, a military prototype artificial intelligent dog escapes from Evil Corp (I can’t remember the name of the company).  Our hero Miles, wants to make it in motorcross.  However, he is poor and lacks the necessary gear to succeed but has a pluckiness that he beats the rich kid.  The rich kid sets him up, and of course, and Miles crashes his bike in the desert and they ditch him there.  In this misadventure, he meets and befriends the AI Dog.  The rest of the film is him trying to save the dog.


What I Liked:   I have to say the actors seemed to do well with what they were given, even if it was the most basic of scripts.  Also, the dog itself had some interesting ideas.  Like giving instructions to repair itself or finding the 3d print shop.


What I Didn’t Like:  Lets assume that this movie is targeted at kids.  Well then movie script 101 would have required some humor.  A sidekick usually does the trick.  Now it might have been someone good at computers to help adjust the code a little, or unlock the hidden secret manual.  The heroine was the artist and the smart one.  The more I think about it this script was crap.

Training sequences are a key part to any movie like this.  Not just running across a junk yard with your dog.  But unlocking what it can do and both the dog and hero evolving together.  They have the one scene where the dog shows a video about what it could do, but it wasn’t enough.  Especially since this dog wasn’t outfitted with a cannon on its back.

Seriously a steel pole and flamethrower were enough to defeat this dog, then it wasn’t much of a super dog.  You think first it would have tough armor, and armor at all the appropriate joints to prevent penetration.   But I guess we needed an excuse for them to meet.

Then the fire.  They setup that the bad kid has a flamethrower.  Seriously.  I just shook my head.  This was a lazy writing setup to have a confrontation with the bad boy.  Hint:  We only ever need one bad guy in the movie, and that was definitely Evil Corp.  You could have had the two kids pair up in the end to help the dog get away.

Every character in this movie was either good or bad.  There was no in between.  That is an insult to everyone, even little kids.

Evil Corp:  this looked like two guys working in their basement, rather than a corporation building a military AI robot, worth $70M.  I would have expected their to be hundreds of employee’s rather than just these two in a basement.  Guess we spent all the money on the dog graphics.

I had to check what I gave Monster Trucks for a rating and it too was a 1 out of 5.  They both lack the same good script writing.

Then the ending…. Lord hear my prayer, don’t let their be a sequel…. or maybe this is the devil’s work to create this movie, plus a sequel, torture us all on earth.