The Happytime Murders – Murder Me Now, Please !!!

Rating (1 out of 5)

Wow!  I at least expected a couple of laughs here and there.  I think I had a chuckle and that was it.  I am still puzzled how someone read this script and thought this was going to be a good movie.

Basic premise, Phil Philips is a private detective and a puppet who takes on a case.  The case then leads to friends and family (all puppets except for one humanb) of a former TV show being killed.  He is reunited with Detective Connie Edwards (Melissa McCarthy) who dislike each other, and together they must solve the mystery.

What I Liked:  Much like my review of AXL from earlier today, I couldn’t find a lot good to write about this movie.  ….Thinking hard, and yup, coming up with nothing.  Ok, one thing; I appreciated was them trying to pay homage private detective movies of old, like Philip Marlowe.


A second is when Melissa McCarthy’s character is kicked off the force, she takes cheap shots at her co-workers.  Some of those cheap shots were amusing, however, this is typical Melissa McCarthy humor and nothing we haven’t seen before.

What I Didn’t Like:  They tried to sex everything up with the puppets.  It just wasn’t that funny or necessary.  It felt like some guys were smoking a joint one night, and watched a muppet movie and thought about how funny it would be if muppets had sex.  There was  sex film being made with milking the cow, that was just trying to throw stuff at the audience and hoping something stuck. The sex scene in the office I guess was supposed to be funny, but it was just amusing, and part of the trailer.  Typical case of the trailer has the best scenes from the movie.  1 or 2 jokes would have been funny, but it kept coming.  The script writer must not have been able to elevate himself to come up with anything else other than that.

The rabbit peeing glitter, actually would have been funnier in a muppets movie, than it was here.  Didn’t need the Basic Instinct crotch shot of a puppet.  This again was trying shock humor in the audience.

I don’t object to cussing, but really, was Melissa McCarthy’s only contribution to the script was the F-bomb.  Seriously, I have worked on construction sites where they have used the F-word less.

Not that this was a complicated plot, and this might be nit-picky, but why was there an FBI agent, how could he kick someone off the police force?  It felt like we added the FBI agent just so you could have the jokes at the end.  More poor script writing.

In the end, this was a flat movie that lacked in laughs.  If you are looking for some raunchy humor, give me a Bad Moms or Neighbors any day.