Deadpool 2 – Nothing New Here to See

Rating (3 out of 5)

This was by no means a horrible movie, but also it didn’t really have anything new.  It was just another Marvel movie.

Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) is contracted to take out (kill) some people, but misses his last target.  His last target kills his wife (Morena Baccarin) and Deadpool is distraught.  He joins the X-Men, and on a mission comes across this mutant boy and must help this mutant boy become good before Cable (Josh Brolin) kills him.  Along the way Deadpool creates a team called X-Force.

What I Liked:  The assembly of X-Force was fun and then how they started their mission was a laugh at loud moment.  That scene added a lot of levity to the movie, at the right time.  Also, Domino (Zazie Beetz) was a great character to add to the movie.  Her luck ability came through in the action sequence really well and again was humorous.  I hope to see more of Domino and Cable in their own movie.


The fight scene between Cable and Deadpool in the prison was gross but also entertaining.  My wife even remarked when Deadpool landed and broke his back, but was laying weirdly on the table; gross but funny.  There was a scene where Deadpool was trying to choke Cable with is broken arm, but it his arm was like a loose rope not an arm with a bone.  It was gross, but funny.

In general all of the action and fight sequences are very good.  The final battle with Juggernaut was enjoyable.  The teaming together by the other X-Men was good to see.


What I Didn’t Like:  The final death scene went on too long, and stopped being funny.  I get we are trying to get a laugh at the extended death, but it just became boring.

The dream scenes, where Deadpool goes into heaven to see his ex-wife, slowed down the movie.  Then as Deadpool moped around afterwards, this just slowed the movie down and brought down the pace of the movie.  Think we could have done this all just a little bit differently and kept the movie moving.

While I like the wise cracks that Deadpool makes, 2 hours of his smart ass comments get tiring.   Just a little bit less of it would be great.

Deadpool 2 is slow at a few parts, and it is 2 hours of wisecracking Deadpool, but this is offset by some pretty good action sequences to make for a decent movie in the end,