UnREAL Season 1 – We Were Hooked

Rating (4 out of 5)

I have been a fan of  Project Runway for years, my reality show guilty pleasure.  I always wondered how much of the drama was scripted by the producers versus natural drama that occurs between the contestants.  This show gives you a peek behind the scenes plus adds the drama of the characters producing the show.

The story follows Rachel (Shiri Appleby) a production assistant on Everlasting (basically the Batchelor) and how her, the contestants and crew survive through the current season.

What I Liked:  The little glimpse behind the scenes of what a reality show is like.  Even if only 10%-20% of this is true, they manufacture the drama.  The handlers, who convince the people to do act in a certain way are the most impressive.  Sometimes they ask for a certain behavior.  Other times they just have a discussion telling them about what is happening with another contestant, and they would get a certain reaction.  They had 3 handlers, who each set of girls. Watching how they handled their girls was entertaining and terrifying.  Terrible people

Another glimpse was how the reality script works.    In the first episode they are trying to identify bad girl, which is the center point for the remaining episodes.  From there they then fill the other categories that are needed.

It was also interesting to watch the contestants turn from being a little innocent, to just as evil as the tv crew.  There are no good people on this show, there is only less crappy people.  As an example, there is a psychologist who uses her position to get herself a role on the show, and maybe a spin-off in the following season.  She sort of blackmails her way into that opportunity.  She seemed so nice, but in the end they are all just out for their own.

What I Didn’t Like:  Some of the drama between Rachel and her camera man boyfriend was a little boring.  Understand with how the show ended why it was necessary, but would have enjoyed it more if he committed suicide.

Conclusion: My wife and I binged watched this.  It is hard to find a show my wife will watch past the 3rd episode.  The fact that she binged watched this must mean it is above average show.

This was a really fun show to watch and really everyone is super terrible.