Snakes on a Plane – Silly but a Fun Ride

Rating (3 out of 5)


What does the GUILTY PLEASE mean?  It means that although this movie is probable not artistically the best, it is one of those films that I love to watch over and over again, because it is just so bad it is good.  So really for me, this is 4.

This story is simple, FBI agent Neville Flynn (Samuel L. Jackson) is escorting a witness, Sean Jones (Nathan Phillips) from Hawaii to Los Angeles.  The bad guy has placed snakes on the plane to take down the plane and the witness, and Neville, Sean, the crew and passengers must fight the snakes and other dangers to survive the flight.

What I Liked:  First the snakes kill people by biting them in strange places, such as the the boob or the penis.  Other gimmicks are used such as snakes coming out of eye balls and a person crushed to death and being swallowed death. Snakes also came out of people’s mouths and limbs swelled up  It was gross but funny as well.  Who doesn’t appreciate the cheesyness of it all? (my mother’s answer to my question, NO)

I appreciated that they gave you a rationale as to why the snakes attacked people, they lei’s the passengers were given at the door when they boarded  were laced with snake pheromones.


A little boy gets bitten and his arm starts to puff up.  A young mom says she can help.  She cuts open the wound with her earring and sucks the fluid out of the wound.  That was pretty cool.  The reactions of the other passengers as she did this was well done.

The pilots of course die, so someone needs to fly it home.  The best person, is Troy (Keenan Thompson) whose only flying experience is playing flight simulator on PS2 (yes the movie is from 2006).  As that is all revealed to the tower as he flies the plane into LAX, it is so stupid its good.


I also liked when all the passengers who were bumped from first class to economy and the main stewardess Claire (Julianna Marguiles) has to tell each one that they have been reassigned.  Now this would have been done in the terminal, but still I appreciated the reactions from each of the passengers, as I have seen some of these people in real life have the similar reactions when things don’t work out.

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Really appreciated Neville lay downing a few MOFO bombs near the climax of the movie.  It always makes me laughl

What I Didn’t Like:

Really I didn’t need that much background on all the passengers.  Because I knew the background, it didn’t make me laugh/cry any more or less when they were bitten.  However, at 1 hour and 45 minutes, if they cut too much the moive would have been too short.

The final wrap up cut with Sean and Neville is really just the worst.  Don’t think they needed that at all.

Conclusion:  Don’t take the movie seriously, if you do it will be the seriously the worst movie you have ever seen.  Sit back and enjoy the absurdity of it all, and you will say to yourself, what an entertaining movie.

NOTE:  This movie came out the year before the iPhone.  It is interesting to see how quickly technology has become such a main part of our lives.  She pulls out her Treo/Blackberry and she is the only person with a phone with a camera.  It is pretty funny.