Killjoys (Season 1 and Season 2) – A Decent SyFy Show

Rating (3 out of 5)

There is nothing spectacular about Killjoys but there is definitely nothing significantly wrong with the show.  If you like Science Fiction shows then this is a decent show to watch.  I made it through season 2 and did want to see how it ended, so that is saying quite a bit these days.

Season 1 Plot:  Killjoys are the “Quads” bounty hunters, and Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) is one of the best, but she doesn’t take on kill warrants.  As they progress, they learn that Dutch’s evil mentor is still alive and trying to have Dutch start killing.  Dutch’s partner, John (Aaron Ashmore) finds his brother D’avin (Luke MacFarlane).  Slowly they start to learn about the mystery of level 6 Killjoys.

Season 2 Plot:  Now the team is on the hunt for Khylen, Dutch’s mentor, and then have to save their town of Westerly.  As they do, they learn the secret of the green goo and how it is used to create a level 6 Killjoys.  In this season we loose a little of the bounty hunter features as it is more personal issues the team addresses.

What I Liked:  The premise of being a a bounty hunter in space is very interesting.  Also the concept of how things have evolved in the Quad is well done.  For example, you can get a land on the good planet if you work hard on Westerly (I believe 7 generations).


The relationship between Dutch and John has been good, and like their banter plus that of their AI ship, Lucy.

Some of the side characters were interesting.  There was a tech geek on one planet, a woman with a machine gun hand, and one of their rivals, Fancy.   Those kept the show moving, and allowed them to bring them back.  Fancy is a rival bounty hunter and was used well in various episodes to challenge the team a bit.

Like it when characters die.  It give you the sense that they are really fighting for their lives.  And even though you know the 3 main characters won’t die, it does add a bit more drama for the viewer. that it is possible when they go on a mission or risk their lives that they could die.

Killjoys - Season 1

What I Didn’t Like:  The fling between D’avin and Dutch did slow down the show a little.  I know it is standard protocol on TV series writing to do this, but wish they would find a different way.

Also, when John fell in lover with Potter, it slowed down the show.  Don’t mind if they have a relationship but keep the pace going.  Overall, Potter wasn’t the best character.  Th

At the beginning of the series Dutch is a no-nonsense bounty hunter with a strict set of rules for herself on her approach.  After season 1 you lose that and Dutch seems to spend most of the time whining.  Season 2 suffered from this a bit, and slowed a bit that I almost turned it off, but then it got back on track.

Conclusion:  Season 1 was definitely a good season to get you into the show.  I liked parts of Season 2,  I enjoyed it enough that I will watch Season 3.