Night School – It Wasn’t Bad

Rating (2.5 out of 5)

Despite the mocking from my family, I went to see Night School.  I went in expecting the absolute worse, and really it wasn’t all that bad of a movie.  It was predictable but I laughed.  That is more than I can say of other comedies I have seen lately.

Plot:  Teddy (Kevin Hart) is living beyond his means but hasn’t told his fiancee.  He loses his job and must return to night school to gain employment and keep his fiancee.


What I Liked:  There scenes where I laughed.  The picture above when the night school teacher Carrie (Tiffany Haddish) and Teddy are talking to the principal, who uses a black voice.  The black voice joke was well used.

I did like the montage of why the class had trouble studying for the test, that required them to try and steal the test.  This led to the roof, where the guys were trying to calculate the height of roof using Pythagorean theorem.  Having tutored my daughter last year in that very subject, I thought it was very funny.

This then led to them having to jump to another building.  Rob Riggle’s character misses and falls (that part was a bit disturbing), but his arm is dislocated, and then one of the other students throws up on him.  Body parts pointing in the wrong direction and vomit….good for a laugh.


The use of the inmate at the prison attending through Skype was well done and a nice feature of the movie.

There a few more areas where I laughed or snickered, and that was good.

What I Didn’t Like:  Kevin Hart’s shtick gets a little old.  For example, when he was being told about his disabilities and he does the “learning herpes” gimmick, it was just a little much.

While I liked the boxing gimmick it was sort of just thrown in to the middle of the movie.  I would have liked to see it used more, with the board on the side, and then the entire gym learning, and cheering for him as he learned.

Additionally, felt like we missed out on the the class trying to learn.  All of sudden the class decided to work, but we don’t see how they overcame the previous issues.  Think there was a missed opportunity for Teddy to be the reluctant leader, and each of the night school people to bring something to the table, to help the overall group.

The movie was disjointed, at just under 2 hrs.  This must have been originally 4 hours, and they struggled to cut it down, and picked their favorite sections. We spent a lot of time on the build up rather than progressing quickly to the Night School.     The introduction/love section was definitely too long, and there were whole sections we didn’t need.  If we had moved quicker, then we could have had more extensive learning and training.

While the break in scene had entertaining portions, it was also a bit awkward.  As I mentioned the part with Rob Riggle missing the jump was disturbing, as was choking the janitor.  Parts were just too much.

Summary:  This was comedy that provided a few laughs but missed out on various opportunities to make this an excellent comedy.   The laughs are sporadic and a lot of the movie feels disconnected.   While I wouldn’t recommend this for my wife, it might be the better of all evils on a slow movie weekend.