San Andreas – A Disaster of a Movie

Rating (1.5 out of 5)

Technically this movie is a 1.5, but 2.5 for me, because this movie is so bad, its funny.  I stopped at a part that was so bad, so Scott (my son) could watch it with me and laugh as well.

Plot: Raymond James (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) is a rescue helicopter pilot in Los Angeles.  When the big one hits (an earthquake) the stretches from Los Angeles to San Francisco, Raymond must save his family who are in both cities.

What I Liked:  The problem with what I liked was that it was so cheesy I laughed out loud.  My favorite of all of them, is when the tidal wave hits San Francisco.  The Rock and his wife (Carla Gugino) are in a police speed boat and power up the tidal (3) There are a whole bunch of other boats trying to get over the tidal wave.  It is so ludicrous, so bad it there is no option but to laugh and enjoy it all.  Then when the cargo ship almost falls on them at the top of the wave, that was just icing on the cake for hysterics.


What I Didn’t Like:  The special effects in the movie are the worst.  What is this the 1970’s.  The effects were  just a notch above a SyFy special.

I don’t know why they attempt story lines in these movies.  We don’t really need the emotions that go with a divorce or whatever they through at as so the main characters can have a heart to heart dialogue in the helicopter.  Why can’t it be a happily married man, just trying to rescue his wife and daughter.  Or at the very minimum, keep it brief like Die Hard.

San Andreas is bad and funny all at the same time, The Rock and his wife parachute into AT&T Ballpark, images (1)after jumping from a plane.  He says the plane will fall out to sea, so there must be a scene where he changed directions and gained altitude before they jumped.  The picture to the left is how they were lined up, but when they parachute out the fall through clouds and the plane will fall in the Pacific.


There is a dorky scientist, Dr Lawerence Hayes (Paul Giamatti).  hqdefault . Dr. Hayes is on the Hoover dam with Dr. Park testing out their theory on predicting earthquakes when the dame is hit with the first earthquake.

The Dr. was only necessary to explain that the earthquakes would still be happening and for everyone to hold tight.  In the end it was a very unnecessary role, and actually a waste of screen time. There must have been some free time in Mr. Giamatti’s calendar, and who doesn’t like a healthy paycheck.

Conclusion: Bad special effects, sub par script, and just ridiculous action scenes, make  San Andreas a horrible movie, that not even The Rock can not make better.