Venom – Watchable

Rating (2.5 out of 5)

Venom was a wee bit better than I anticipated.  Not the best of the Marvel movies, but entertaining enough.

Plot: Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed) sends a space ship to collect living organism from a comet.  The organisms can only survive on earth by bonding with the perfectly matched creature.  One of the organisms, Venom, bonds with Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy), and together they must defeat Carlton/Riot combination before the world is overrun by these organisms.


What I Liked: The action scenes were enjoyable.  I like the battle in his apartment the most of all.  It showed the basic powers of Venom and wasn’t over the top.

There was good humor between Venom and Eddie.  They would banter in his head and Venom would say things about the people around them.  Venom eating bad people was a nice bit of humor throughout the film as well.


What I Didn’t Like: So tired of the humans are killing the world story line.  While it maybe true, can’t the story writers create another motive for the scientists.

The introduction and setup was too long.  The movie started well with the space ship crashing and the symbiote bonding with various people in Indonesia to get to the US which was well paced.  Then brought that pace to a complete halt while we worked too establish the love interest, the news reporting by Eddie Brock and introduction of Carlton as the bad guy.

I like Michelle Williams but in this role, she didn’t seem to fit the flow of the movie.  Her character took a little air out of the film.  They could have bypassed her and still and a quality film.


Felt like a lot of the cuts in San Francisco were from different angles, and not aligned with the direction, timeframe or location of the previous shot.  It was a bit disconcerting at times.

The chase scene through San Francisco was entertaining but you had to ignore a couple of items.  Primarily, there were 3 or 4 head on shots of Eddie/Venom riding the motorcycle.  It was definitely a stunt double.   If you can tell its a stunt double, use another angle or different shot.

The second thing is there was just a bit too much damage through the city for the vehicles and equipment not to be traced back to Carlton Drake’s company.   The damage was to innocent people and fairly substantial.  We are talking explosive drones hitting cars, not just a smashing of cars.  It would have been caught on camera somehow.   I was okay with Venom destroying the lobby of the office building, as no one knew who he was, but the evil corporation.


Finally, the people of the San Francisco area approving the building of a launch platform.  Please!  The launching of a space ship from the Bay Area was very unrealistic to me.  Now if it was a hidden base that popped out of the sea or the side that they didn’t know about, maybe I could go with it.

Conclusion:  Patience through the start gets to the action and humor.  The ride is enjoyable as long as you ignore the lack of realism.