Braven – Predictable

Rating (2.5 out of 5)

An adequate action film.

Plot: Joe Braven (Jason Momoa) goes to a cabin with his father (Stephen Lang), and his daughter who stowed away in the truck.  Unbeknownst to Joe, drug dealers have stored drugs in his cabin and have come to claim it.  Joe must battle the drug dealers to save himself and his family.

What I Liked:  Joe’s knowledge of his surroundings give him an advantage over the drug dealers.  As an audience, we like to see the well natured small town good old boy and his humble ways overcome the bad guys.

Add kills with all sorts of weaponry and you have the foundation for a good action movie.  Kill by ax (twice), bow and arrow, animal trap/cliff, etc.


I also appreciated how strong the female characters were.  The wife holds her own with her bow and arrow in more than one battle.  Their little daughter does exactly what she is told, and calls for help by climbing the mountain while escaping the bad guys.  Good strong characters.


What I Didn’t Like:  The setup was too slow and complicated.  The father had some form of dementia but we had to go through him leaving the house, mistaking a woman for his deceased wife, and going to the hospital.  Joe takes his father to the cabin to have a heart to heart about what they do next.  I just needed them to get to the cabin, not the dementia.

While I really liked Joe’s seeming intuition with nature, we didn’t really establish how this came to be.  It would have been nice to substitute the dementia scenes with one laying the foundation of his good old boy senses.

I am tired of bad guys being horrible shots and not having the toughness to kill, when that is their intent.   Sometimes you have to let it go.  However, in Braven, they established that these criminals knew what they were doing and knew how to handle their weapons, so it wasn’t something I could let go.


Conclusion:  A decent enough action movie to watch after you have gone through everything else on Prime and Netflix.