Halloween (2018) – What a Jumble

Rating (2 out of 5)

Jumble is defined as “An untidy collection or pile of things” and jumble describes Halloween (2018) exactly.  There are elements of a good movie here but too many characters and poor writing create an unruly mess.

Plot: Michael Myers escapes during a transfer and Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) finish their epic battle from exactly 40 years ago.

Overview:  The film setup was long and felt slow.  After all, this is Halloween and the majority of people understand Michael is bad and wants to kill.

I liked the potential in all the characters during the setup on October 30th:

The grand daughter – Karen (Judy Greer)
The daughter – Allyson (Andi Matichak)
The son-in-law
The reporters
The doctor
The sheriff
The granddaughter’s friends

After the setup, everything fell apart.  As an example, the two reporters had potential to add to the story, but immediately killed.  If the female reporter could have lived long enough to tell Laurie some secret about the doctor or Michael, but instead she had a quick death.


They seemed more interested in showing you the end result of Michael’s kills than creating the tension of being hunted by the boogeyman.  Dead bodies are a gimmick and do not make a horror film, as pictured below.


The script itself didn’t flow well.  As an example, on Halloween Allyson’s fight with her boyfriend at the dance.  During the fight, he takes the phone and drops the phone in some semi liquid food substance.  We don’t see the wee boyfriend ever again, a manufactured sequence to force Allyson’s separation from the mobile phone.  What a waste of time and lazy script writing.

Other elements of the movie seemed odd, with the purpose of getting Michael to Laurie’s safe house.  Even when they arrived at Laurie’s house, everything seemed overly complicated.  Why would she be battling the boogeyman in the darkest house on the planet?

There were two bright spots.  Allyson’s friend the babysitter, Vicky (Virginia Gardener)  had a fun relationship with the little boy she was babysitting.  Their banter back and forth was light hearted and created a delightful dynamic.  When Vicky is brutally attacked by Michael, she tries to fight back and almost escapes.  The little boy she is babysitting gets away.  Classic Halloween material and the best part of the film.


There is a scene where Laurie falls out a window and is laying on the grass.  When Michael looks out the window to find her, Lauri is gone, similar to when Michael fell out the window 40 years ago, which was a nice symmetry between the beginning and end (hopefully).

The director and writers waster a great framework, and the script writer is to blame.  The writers were definitely outside of their comfort zone in writing horror/suspense making Halloween a waste of everyone’s time (except those who made millions).