Jennifer’s Body – Hell No, Don’t Watch

Rating (2.5 out of 5)

With all horror movies out for Halloween, I thought I would try a movie I haven’t watched previously.  I saw Jennifer’s Body on HBO, so why not?  I definitely thought more of Jennifer’s Body than the rest of my family, the movie left little to like.  To bad, because the movie has such good foundation and could have been really good.

Plot: Two best friends Jennifer (Megan Fox) and Needy (Amanda Seyfried) go out one night.  Jennifer is picked by the band to be a sacrifice to the devil so they can be famous.  Jennifer sells herself to the band as a virgin, so instead of dying she is inhabited by a demon and needs to eat.  Needy has to stop her BFF Jennifer before she eats the whole town.

Review:  The concept of having two teenage girls who aren’t likely matches be friends was also a nice element.  Jennifer added the sexuality and Needy brought the smarts.  It was setup nicely but would have dialed down Jennifer a bit and dialed up Needy a hair.

I like the premise of a sacrifice gone wrong, because she isn’t a virgin her body is possessed by a demon.  She is sacrificed by a band seeking fame and fortune. The band guys were funny as they were proceeding to the ritual and deciding if sacrificing a virgin was worth the price.   There was a scene where Jennifer stumbles into Needy’s home and we know something isn’t right.  From that point forward, the whole movie falls off.


MV5BMTk0NzMwOTctMWIyZi00YTk1LTg0YmItZjQyZTE4NjhmNDVjXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNDY2NzgwOTE@._V1_UY100_CR35,0,100,100_AL_For example, Needy’s high school has has an occult section with satanic rituals, I don’t think so.  What she finds out about the demon is good, but too late in the movie.  There is a scene where Needy and Jennifer are kissing on the bed, and then Jennifer reveals the truth.  The sexual scene was unnecessary, but was probably meant to spice the movie up.

The final clips when the credits are rolling and Needy kills the band that sacrificed Jennifer is the best part of the film and wish that was actually a larger part of the movie.

Summary:  A good setup that fails to deliver anything of lasting value and spends more time showing Megan Fox’s body and cleavage than focusing on an actual story.